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E-Commerce solutions

E-commerce Website Packages enable you to open an online store. With an affordable initial investment, you can start your online business and selling to the world!

Our E-Commerce solutions inclusive of a shopping cart, product management / catalog (specification, price, availability, stock, etc), order management, payment gateway bridges, shipping management, members’ login system, product highlights and many more.

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A professional web design and development company in Malaysia. We are specialize in Content Management System (CMS) website & Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our latest CMS website comes with many interactive features which includes the web 2.0 technology and SEO tools.


aeiou studio is a communicative design studio with strength in digital dna that helps to infuse creativity & life into your business message, to effectively deliver them across to your ideal target customers. it is our prerogative to embrace successful immersive design experiences with special emphasis on creative passion & business innovation.


As today's business world  gets more and more competitive, the old-age marketing idea to stand out and shout loud of your company brand name no longer brings an effective result. In fact, consumers today tend to buy a product or service based more on the on-going relationship built from the trust and confidence you have embedded into their lifestyles.